Fall and winter window cleaning, it’s a good thing

It’s that time again. Are you prepared for the Northwest rains? Fall and winter in the Northwest—it’s enough to try anyone’s patience.

That being said, is fall or winter the right time of year to have your windows cleaned?professional window cleaning

Well, yes and no. The summer and spring are good, but not always optimal. And here’s why. In the summer and spring there is pollen, dust, and bugs. In the winter and fall, the pollen, dust, and bugs are not around. Despite the season, or the weather, Mr. Glass is an all weather window cleaning company.

Take a look around

Walk around your house inside and inspect your windows. You’ll be surprised, very few windows get pelted by the fall and winter weather.

So what? Well, fall and winter ARE goods times to have your windows professionally cleaned. In fact, Mr. Glass rarely cancels a window cleaning service due to rain.

What kind of windows do you have?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few terms Mr. Glass uses to identify certain types of windows.

professional glass cleaning

Transoms Windows typically above doors or above other windows. These windows originally were hinged and allowed heat from interior spaces.

Lights Lights? That’s right, lights are windows. Glass allowing light to enter an interior space was once commonly referred to as lights. When glass was very expensive, the desirability of a house was determined by how many lights belonged to it, and how much light was allowed into the house.

Side Lights These are the windows on the sides of entry doors. Again, it was considered prestigious to have sidelights. Sometimes, just one on either side of a door. However, both sides of the door are most appealing. They allow the most light in the entry.

Palladian These are windows that look like half circles. They are seen a lot in colonial homes with the Palladian window full of many individual lights. They take there names from a form of architecture known as Palladianism with Italian origins.

Visit the Mr. Glass website and preview all our window cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

How to keep your oven functional this holiday season

We’ve had a stunning sunny fall season. But, it’s easy to forget the holidays are almost here. Time to enjoy family get-togethers and let’s not forget those special holiday meals.mr appliance oven safety tips

However, before you begin cooking those holiday meals you should inspect your oven? David McCall, owner of Mr. Appliance, says “We see a greater number of oven and range repair needs this time of year. We often get those ‘last minute’ calls from panicking customers with an oven not working and guests soon to arrive.”

Mr. Appliance has a few oven tips for you. These tips will help keep your holiday plans hassle-free. And you’ll have more fun preparing your meals for the holidays.

The Self-clean Cycle

Often times, you’ll want to clean your oven before cooking that special holiday meal. If you use the self-clean cycle, plan to clean the oven a few weeks before your BIG cooking day.

Why? The self-clean cycle uses high heat. If any component on your oven is weak or worn, high heat can cause that component to fail. If this happens, and tomorrow is the BIG day, it may be too late to get the oven fixed.

Oven Door

Pay attention to your oven door when closing it. The gasket, also called the door seal, should allow the door to close easily. At the same time, the seal should fit firmly.

Mr. Appliance Oven Repair

This gasket/seal can deteriorate after years of use. It can also get torn or pulled out of its proper location. If the door does not close or seal properly, excessive heat may escape causing poor baking results. It can also create an unsafe situation where parts of the door, handle, or trim can get very hot and cause burns. It may also cause the oven controls to overheat and fail prematurely.

Oven Cleaners

If you prefer to clean your oven with oven cleaner make sure you use the correct type for your oven. If you have a self-clean oven you MUST use a cleaner specifically for self-clean ovens. Self-clean ovens have a special finish to the walls and sides which will be ruined if you use the wrong type.

We hope these tips help you have a wonderful time this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Mr. Appliance. Visit our website for more helpful tips and learn about all of our appliance services.

Make Your Heating System & Comfort a Priority This Fall

If you take good care of your heating system it will last longer, run more efficiently, and save you money.

As the cooler weather approaches in the great Pacific Northwest, we often hear from customers who ask, “Does my heating system need yearly tune-ups?”

Well, let’s take your car for example. It gets you and your family from point A to point B. But, you must regularly check the wiper blades, the tire pressure, the water and fluid levels, etc. Even the oil must be serviced by your dealer or local shop to make sure it won’t break down or cost you great amounts to repair or replace.

All About Air Heating and Cooling
Your local and reliable heating and cooling specialists.

The same ‘annual maintenance’ you perform on your car should be done to your home’s heating system as well. Regular annual maintenance is important to almost anything with moving parts and complicated systems—heating systems included. If you neglect to replace your filters, remove build-up, or not catch leaks in time, the system will cost more in the long run. In some cases, you may have to replace the whole system.

How often should you get Heating (and AC) tune-ups or regular maintenance?

All About Air Heating & Cooling recommends making heating and air conditioner maintenance a part of your annual or seasonal routine. Have your heating system tuned up in the early fall and your air conditioning in the early spring—before you are left in the cold or heat.

Contact All About Air Heating & Cooling, your local Vancouver, WA family owned and operated HVAC company for more information and have one of our highly qualified and friendly service technicians visit you today (360) 254-3008 or www.allaboutairhvac.com.

Top Ten Reasons: Why hire a hardwood flooring specialist

If you own hardwood floors or you’re considering installing hardwood floors, choose a professional contractor that is experienced and specializes in hardwood installation, repair, and maintenance.

Local handymen and general contractors are often considered and contacted first when hardwood flooring projects come to mind. Handymen and general contractors work on many aspects of home building, home repair, and home remodeling. However, hardwood flooring is a specialized skill where experience, equipment, and training are paramount.

But, how do you know if the contractor you contact specializes in hardwood flooring? What type of experience, equipment, and training do they have? Here are the top ten reasons why you should hire a professional for your hardwood flooring projects.

1. Equipment

An experienced and professional hardwood flooring expert should possess state-of-the-art equipment that is balanced and efficient in dust collection. Also, they should have a variety of equipment. It takes more than one or two machines to do a job properly.

dustless hardwood floor sanding
“Dustless Sanding” requires a sealed vacuum system placed outside of work area

2. “Dustless” Sanding

Why dustless sanding? Dustless sanding is more than using a vacuum system here and there. It requires a hooked-up-to, sealed vacuum system outside of the work area. Dustless sanding means no equipment with dust bags inside your home. The process is a personal commitment to limiting dust from becoming airborne.

3. Finishes

A hardwood flooring specialist should have access to and use durable finishes not available to the consumer. The finishes should contain low VOC (volatile organic compounds), be fast drying, and have low odor.

4. Training

Reputable and respectable hardwood flooring specialists should possess a National Wood Flooring Certificate. Additional training from specific manufactures is also beneficial.

5. Experience

How many years of experience should a hardwood flooring specialist have? It takes years of experience with all types of floors, in all states of condition, to have the knowledge required to evaluate the potential of any given floor.

6. Installation According to Established Standards

There are accepted industry standards for installing and finishing hardwood floors. Not all flooring practitioners are aware of these standards or follow them.

7. Licensing

Licensing provides the homeowner with assurance that all State requirements have been met to protect the homeowner. As a home owner, you have no recourse with an unlicensed contractor that performs substandard work.

8. Reputation

Most homeowners depend on referral of professionals that they’ve heard about from friends and other sources.

hardwood flooring
Hardwood floors add to your homes value

9. Maintenance

Hardwood floors require follow up maintenance. A hardwood flooring specialist provides after installation service for cleaning, re-coating, and repairs.

10. Investment Value

A properly installed and maintained hardwood floor generally lasts the life of your home. Very few building materials routinely offer 100 years of service. Appraisers rate hardwood floors at optimum value. Moreover, realtors and home buyers favor homes that have hardwood floors that are in good condition.

This list was compiled and created by Dallas Day, owner of Day Flooring Company. Dallas has over 40 years of hardwood lumber, flooring, stair parts, and millwork experience.

Visit the Day Flooring Company website and discover why experience, reliability, and attention to detail is what you should be looking for in a hardwood flooring specialist.

Dangers of Hiring Illegitimate Contractors

Some years ago, a very nice family hired Bedknobs and Broomsticks to clean their home and told me this story. The client had a friendly person who had cleaned their home for many years. This person cleaned the homes of their neighbor and parent’s home as well. The individual worked as a house cleaner without a business license, insurance, or bonding. They had cleaned the families’ homes so long that they all thought of this person as part of the family.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks staff of licensed, insured, and bonded house cleaners.
Bedknobs & Broomsticks staff of licensed, insured, and bonded house cleaners.

One day while cleaning, the unlicensed house cleaner took a fall. They were taken to the hospital by ambulance. The unlicensed house cleaner suffered a severe back injury.

All the families felt badly this incident occurred. They knew it would be difficult for this individual financially because they would be out-of-work.

The families gave the house cleaner $1,000 each, out of the goodness of their hearts. Unfortunately, the house cleaner had no business license, insurance, or bonding. To the surprise of the families, the individual ended up suing the owner of the house where the injury took place.

As an owner of a reputable house cleaning business, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I try to educate the consumer on the dangers of hiring illegitimate contractors for house cleaning services. However, consumers will often pursue this lower priced alternative and go with someone who possesses no protection for themselves or your home.

There is also a serious tax issue connected with illegitimate contractors. They are not responsible for income tax, social security, and medicare.

In sharing this story, I hope you, the consumer, will understand how important it is to hire legitimate contractors who are accountable for themselves professionally.

Lani Wildman, owner of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, an independently owned and operated house cleaning company serving all of Clark County Washington. 

Please call us today:

Vancouver (360) 260-7889

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Or visit our website to preview our services and read our customer reviews.

The Truth About Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t get taken by cheap coupons and “one-time only” special offers for air duct cleaning. Many air duct companions print and mail coupons every few months. They will promote an entire duct cleaning as low as $49.00.

But what should your air duct cleaning professional do for you?

air duct cleaning service Air Vac NW
An honest and professional air duct cleaning business, Air Vac NW.

Laurie Bost, owner of Air Vac NW, is skeptical of air duct cleaning specialists who promise cheap prices in order to get into your home. According to Laurie, “A complete air duct cleaning should take between 3 to 5 hours when it’s performed correctly. And a firm price should be given to you prior to your service.”

So why do air duct cleaning companies offer cheap prices?

Their goal is to “up-sell” other services not included in their coupon such as additional main vent cleaning and mold removal. And many of these offers require you to pay the advertised coupon price, even if you refuse service when they visit your home.

Laurie states, “This is a good gimmick, but not the way that I do business. A set price is given prior to services beginning.”

When should your air ducts be cleaned?

They should be cleaned after new construction or any major remodeling. It’s a good time to consider air duct cleaning prior to moving into a new home (you wouldn’t want to breath in what the last residents left behind). Also, if you’ve had any issues with rodents in your home, air duct cleaning is paramount for the health and safety of your family.

That being said, you can usually go 3 to 5 years before air duct cleaning is performed again. If you have a lot of traffic throughout your home with children and pets, you may want to clean your air ducts more frequently.

And don’t forget, replace or clean the filter on your furnace in a timely manner. This will help your furnace run more efficiently and avoid air flow issues.

Contact Lauri of Air Vac NW, for honest, reliable, and local air duct cleaning. Air Vac NW also provides dryer vent cleaning and insulation removal.

See for yourself how some air duct companies deceive their customers.

Outdoor Rooms Lead To Exceptional Outdoor Living

landscaping, hardscaping Taking your living styles from inside to outside is the current wave of landscape construction. It’s what landscape construction is all about. However, many outdoor accessories have been accepted as common place such as outdoor eating areas including outdoor kitchens, sinks, and pergolas to eat under. In

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fact, one outdoor room we installed includes a chandelier under a covered pergola. Off to one side is the outdoor kitchen that includes the kitchen sink. outdoor living space Each outdoor living area should be made unique with the client’s idea of how they are going to use it. For many of our clients, a large patio area with enjoyable perimeter landscape is enough. For others, they want all the bells and whistles. The best way to start out with the ideal outdoor living area is to begin with a good landscape design. A good landscape designer will help you figure out what your desires might be with a outdoor living area. And they will also help you meet a reasonable landscape budget. Call or contact us today at Woody’s Custom Landscaping to find out what great Vancouver, WA landscape contractors can do for you. And to have some great outdoor living solutions for your backyard landscaping. Our landscape estimates are free, timely, and accurate. 360-687-1882 or www.woodyscustomlandscaping.com

Over 30 Years of Fence Building

The Fenceman has been serving both residential and commercial customers in the Clark County area since 1979. They have a reputation for being reliable, honest, and fair with customers.

The Fenceman builds several styles of residential and commercial fences to meet your needs. They are best known for constructing wood fences built on steel posts.

fence construction with steel posts
The Fenceman uses steel posts when constructing a wooden fence.

Why use steel posts?

Windstorms return every year to the Northwest. The Fenceman is called out to replace wind damaged fences built on wood posts time-and-time again. The Fenceman constructs fences using steel posts. Their steel posts are guaranteed for up to 60 mile per hour winds.

Meeting their customers’ needs

The Fenceman Crew
The Fenceman Crew

Regardless of what style of fence you may choose, The Fenceman guarantees their workmanship and materials for one full year. They work with homeowners, developers, and contractors. The goal is to meet your fencing needs, and construct a fence that will be an asset to your property for years to come.

Quality workmanship is goal #1

Because quality workmanship is The Fenceman’s main goal, they take the time to produce a good product. Fence posts are allowed one full week to set so the concrete can cure properly. The following week The Fenceman crew will return to complete the fence.

Larger projects may have a differing post setting schedule. But the principle remains the same. They always allow a good set on the fence posts before completing the construction of the fence.

The Fenceman offers personalized service to their customers. Contact The Fenceman via phone, or use their online contact form. Visit them on the web. www.fencemancompany.com

Sealing After Pressure Washing: Driveways, Patios, Front Entries

In the Pacific Northwest concrete surfaces are prone to mold, algae, and rain residues. This naturally occurring circumstance produces a less-than-desirable appearance on concrete driveways, patios, and front entries. The build-up of mold and algae also creates slippery and dangerous surfaces to walk on.

Concrete Driveway Before Sealing
Concrete Driveway Before Sealing

Many home owners will use a pressure washer to remove mold and algae from their concrete surfaces. A pressure washer will quickly spray away most mold, algae, and rain residue. And concrete surfaces will look new again.

However, there is a negative affect to pressure washing. Pressure washing exposes concrete pores to contamination and moisture allowing mold and algae to buildup faster.

Prevent mold and algae build-up by sealing concrete surfaces

After a concrete surface is cleaned with a pressure washer, the surface should be sealed. Concrete aggregate, like our skin, needs to be sealed after it’s cleansed and pores are opened up. Both concrete aggregate and skin are organic, but concrete aggregate requires something more than skin lotion as a sealant.

Concrete Driveway After Sealing
Concrete Driveway After Sealing

After pressure washing concrete, Adam Garfield, owner of NW Creative Resurfacing suggests, “Use a solvent-based polyurethane acrylic sealer. We put down 2 to 3 coats of sealer. The first coat is a thin coat for deep penetration. The second and third coats will provide solid topical protection.”

If the surface is a natural stone-type paver, Adam suggests using a water-based sealer to sustain natural appearance. If the desired appearance is shiny, then a solvent-based sealer should be used.

Pressure washing concrete is a common home maintenance practice, especially in the rainy Pacific Northwest. But don’t forget, pressure washing is only half the job. Once a concrete surface is cleaned it’s pores are exposed. These pores become vulnerable to more mold and algae build-up. Be sure to seal concrete surfaces after pressure washing them.

If you’d like professional help with sealing your concrete surfaces, please contact Adam Garfield at NW Creative Resurfacing (NWCR). Preview NWCR’s stunning concrete resurfacing projects, basement waterproofing, concrete sealing, and much more. Visit the NWCR website and contact Adam today.

The Failed Window Scenario

When is a window clean, but not really clean? The one thing that scratches more heads is the failed window. As a window cleaner, the failed window makes our work look bad. But what is a failed window?

window cleaning
Dirty Window? Or is this a failed window?
Today’s modern windows have two panes of glass that sandwich dead

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air space. This increases the efficiency of the window. However, for the window to perform properly the two pieces of glass must be sealed tightly. If the seal is compromised in some way, and air does get in, moisture will follow. Not a big problem as long as the temperature outdoors matches the temperature inside your home. There is a difference in temperature, naturally. The difference in temperature causes condensation, similar to a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Condensation will form on the sandwiched panes inside the window. With no where for the condensation to go it starts to drip towards the bottom of the panes. With the weather changing all the time, so does the condition between the panes…condensation, evaporation, condensation, evaporation…The result is a window that looks like it was wiped with a dirty wet dish rag. This scenario is not good for a window cleaner. Moreover, it’s not good for the home owner to have a clean dirty window. What’s the positive outcome of a failed window? You, as the homeowner, are now aware of the failed window. And the odds are that your window cleaner will let you know about it. Window cleaners don’t want their customers to think they missed a window. What’s the takeaway here? Take a little walk around your house and look at your windows. Do you see moisture between the panes? Check by running your finger across the interior pane and then across the exterior pane. Did you feel the moisture, or did you move it? If not, then it’s between the panes and you have a failed window. If you need help examining your windows please contact Mr. Glass. Mr. Glass provides professional window cleaning and carpet cleaning to all of SW Washington state. Visit our website for a complete list of our services and contact information.